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Contract Manufacturing

As a cGMP-approved manufacturer, we at Zenzi Pharmaceuticals produce both branded and non-branded generics for clients worldwide, with a focus on quality, safety, and innovation. Our dedicated manufacturing facility, spanning 14,000 square meters, is equipped to handle general oral solid dosages, highly potent formulations up to OEL 4, and boasts one of the world’s largest capacities for manufacturing steroids and hormones.

Our manufacturing operations are driven by a team of experienced professionals who are committed to continuous improvement, strategic planning, and strict adherence to GMP guidelines and WHO quality norms. We employ advanced technology and instruments, such as Blender, Rapid Mixer Granulator, Fluid Bed Dryer, Roller Compactor, Compression Machine, Coating Machine, Blistering Machine, Ampoule Filling, and Vial Sealing, to optimize our processes and ensure the highest quality products for our clients.

Manufacturing capacity for

General Oral Solid Dosages & Hormonal injection

The manufacturing capacity for General Oral Solid Dosages (GOSD) includes compression at 215,000 tablets/hr and capsule filling at 100,000 caps/hr. Our Injectable Block features vial filling at 12,000 vials/hr, ampoule filling at 30,000 ampoules/hr, and lyophilization at 32,000 vials/hr. Annually, our manufacturing facility has the capacity to produce 600 million tablets, 290 million capsules, 35 million vials, 85 million ampoules, and 30 million lyophilized vials. Our impressive capacity which we strive to offer to our clients with a focus on cost-optimized production ensures that we can effectively meet the increasing demands of the pharmaceuticals market.

To support our commitment to innovation and quality, we have established a pilot scale batch capacity kilolab facility. This state-of-the-art facility enables us to conduct small-scale production and testing of new formulations, ensuring their safety and efficacy before scaling up for full-scale manufacturing.

At Zenzi Pharmaceuticals, our advanced manufacturing capabilities and cutting-edge technology position us to meet the growing global healthcare demands, providing our clients with premium-quality pharmaceutical products that cater to a wide range of therapeutic needs.

We have well-defined processes for manufacturing GOSD and injectables:

GOSD Manufacturing Process

Injectables Manufacturing Process